Acrylic PolymersARUFON®

ARUFON® is a general name for our acrylic polymer products obtained through Uniform Functional Oligomer (UFO) technologies, which are being developed by Toagosei. UFO technology is used to manufacture low molecular weight polymers with 100% efficiency by continuous polymerization of composite materials at high temperatures, especially acrylic monomers.



ARUFON® obtained through UFO technology is 100% polymer, so it is environment-friendly and uses almost no auxiliary materials such as chain transfer agents in accordance with high temperature continuous polymerization procedures, making it an acrylic polymer with superior durability (including weather resistance and heat resistance). Additionally, it is possible to manufacture acrylic polymers over a wide range of glass transition point (Tg) and molecular weight range by using raw materials with different characteristics.

Chart 1. Comparison of characteristics of UFO technologies and current technology (solution polymerization)
  Items for comparison UFO technology Current technology
Manufacturing conditions Production methods Continuous or agglomerative (Semi-)batch
Temperature High temperature 50 - 150℃
Reaction time Extremely short Several hours to several dozen hours
Auxiliary materials Polymerization initiator None / Negligible % of quantity
Chain transfer agent None Small amount to percentage
Organic solvents None / small amounts 0 to 70%
Product characteristics Molecular weight Several hundred to several 10 thousand Several thousand to slightly over 100 thousand
Molecular weight distribution Narrow Wide
Composition distribution Narrow Wide
Unpleasant odor Low odor Mercaptan odor,
Solvent odor
Product forming ≧ 98%
Solid / liquid
30 - 70%
Photo 1. A sample of an ARUFON® product, made using UFO technology

Solid form Liquid form

Enables efficient yields of 100% acrylic polymers.

  • Adhesives, sealant applications
  • Plastic modifying applications
  • Copolymerization (graft polymer) raw material applications

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