Polymer and Oligomer UV-curable Resin

Toagosei provides world-leading technologies as a manufacturer of UV-curable resins. We offer two different series of products: ARONIX and ARON OXETANE.
ARONIX is the brand of our specialty acrylic monomer and oligomer products. We offer mainly radical curable products. ARON OXETANE is the brand of our oxetane resin products, which were first commercialized by Toagosei. Categorized as a cationic curable resin, it is mostly used in combination with epoxy resin.
These can be cured within an extremely short time, by just a few seconds of exposure to light (primarily UV light). Furthermore, it can be used without solvents, which eliminates the drying process. Given the advantage of its superior qualities, including productivity improvement, energy savings, and low environmental impact, These products are used in a variety of products found in everyday life, from inks and paints to data recording media and electronics materials. Toagosei strives to open up new possibilities in energy and environmental fields through its radical curable and cationic curable resins.

These are used in various everyday items from printed materials to electronic materials.

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We strive for continuous improvement to achieve an excellent balance between industrial development and environmental conservation. We have established technology to completely eliminate toluene from products in promoting manufacturing that is people and earth friendly.


Product Name

ARON OXETANE is a cationic curable additive for epoxy resin characterized by its quick curing of epoxy resin, shrinkage control and strong adherence to plastic materials.

Polymer and Oligomer (UV-curable resins)

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