Health Management

We promote health and productivity management through initiatives aimed at enhancement and maintaining health of the employees.

Message from the President

In accordance with our corporate philosophy of "Through the endless possibilities of chemistry, we bring happiness created by highly functional materials," the Toagosei Group aims to contribute to creation of new values through chemistry and achieve a sustainable society.

As human capitals are the source of the Group's sustained growth, it is an important task to establish a fulfilling working environment for a diverse workforce.

As health maintenance and improvement of employees falls under this, we are promoting health management initiatives as it is believed to be an investment that will enhance the sense of fulfillment from work among the individuals, invigorate the organization, which could lead to the growth of the company.

I personally believe it is essential to pay attention to my own health, and try to make a point to exercise such as taking the stairs instead of elevators as much as I can.

Our health is something that is irreplaceable, and where the happiness of our employees and the company's growth begin.

Mikishi Takamura, President

The Group's Basic Stance

  • It is essential to enhance the productivity of each and every employee in order to enhance the medium-term profit of the company and elevate our corporate value and creativity. To this end, we must invest in maintaining and improving the health of our employees through strategic, systematic and continuous promotion by a permanent, dedicated department in order to reduce health risks and resolve health issues of the employees.
  • Health investment will be conducted with clear indicators of initiative implementation status, employee awareness and behavior modification, and final target in place, and intercorrelated for more effective implementation.
  • We aim to reduce risks such as increased medical costs and absenteeism due to injuries and illnesses, as well as to improve productivity and creativity, and enhance corporate value through fostering mentally and physically healthy employees.

Promotion System

We have established the Health Management Promotion Section under the Human Resources Department in 2018, and strives to implement PDCA management through the following meetings to promote health management as part of our CSR activities.

Promotion System


The Company and health insurance association work together in promoting the following initiatives to prevent and resolve health issues and aim to achieve the goal of zero worker on long-term leave due to illness in 2025.

Setting and improving KPI* through health screening and labor data analysis

We establish KPI for PDCA management and aim for improvement of CSR activities, including rates of getting regular health screening, thorough check up, people with regular exercise habits, people maintaining proper weight, and people with high stress, smokers, as well as total labor hours and rate of taking annual paid leaves.

*Indicator for evaluation level of target achievement (Key Performance Indicator)

*The prevention of lifestyle diseases is a priority task in order to reduce risks of diseases and enable employees to thrive at work.

Priority issues Establish KPI Target value FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Measures to prevent lifestyle diseases 1 Rate of receiving regular health screening 100% - 100.0 100.0
2 Rate of receiving through check up 100% - 67.3 50.0
3 Rate of implementing specific health instruction 55% 7.1 20.1 32.4
4 Rate of people maintaining proper weight (BMI between 18.5 and 25) 70% 63.8 63.3 62.7
5 Rate of people with regular exercise habits 40% 26.6 27.3 27.0

*3-5 targets persons age 40 and older

Regular Health Screening and Post-screening Follow Up

In 2019, the rate of employees receiving regular health screening was 100%, but the rate of people receiving a thorough check up or follow up among those deemed necessary was only 50%. We are striving to improve the rate of getting a thorough check up by utilizing the secondary medical examination benefit for workers' accident compensation, and encouraging employees to follow through with the recommendation in aiming to improve the rate to 100%.

Implementation of Mental Health Initiatives

We have been implementing annual stress check since 2007 in collaboration with an external specialized organization in order to for employees to accurately assess their own stress level in aiming to create a workplace that eliminates mental illness. In 2019, the Group's rate of receiving stress check was 97%. We have provided consultation with doctors for those with high stress wishing for in-person counseling, as well as established an external consultation window for employees and their families to consult anonymously without going through the Company, creating a safe environment for those seeking consultation. The results of the check are analyzed for the trend and causes of stress by workplace, and relayed to the head of each workplace as well as used for implementing measures such as mental health training for managers who play the central role of providing workplace line of care.

Implementation of Mental Health Initiatives

Limiting Overwork and Long Work Hours

In 2017, IC card readers were installed at all locations in efforts to visualize attendance and enhance management accuracy. We are ensuring that overtime work is strictly controlled through prior approval from managers, and have installed a warning system across the entire company that notifies an employee and his/her superior's computer when there is a certain level of discrepancy between the work hours reported by the employee and those recorded by the IC card reader. We are raising awareness through alerts that notify an employee and his/her superior once the employee has reached a certain level of overtime work. In addition, the work hours at each business office are reported to the Labor-Management Committee for deliberation on control measures against long work hours among the staff and managements.