Performance Chemicals Inorganic Functional Materials (Environmental Amenity and Electronic Materials)

In inorganic functional materials, we offer additives for electronic materials, such as ion capture agent IXE and negative thermal expansion filler ULTEA, and amenity additives including anti-bacterial agent NOVARON and deodorant agent KESMON. Additives for electronic materials have unique characteristics, such as selective trapping of the ions of impurities and heat shrinkage, enhancing the reliability of electronic products. Amenity additives can be easily incorporated into many manufacturing processes like coating or molding to impart a variety of features for comfort and convenience to the textiles, plastics products.

Main Products

Electronic materials

Inorganic ion capture agent IXE

IXE is an ion-trapping agent with superior ion-trapping and heat resistance properties. IXE improves the reliability of electronic materials by incorporating into sealing resin or other materials.

Inorganic ion capture agent IXEPLAS

A higher performance version of IXE, our ion-trapping agent, with superior ion-trapping and heat resistance properties.

Negative thermal expansion filler ULTEA

ULTEA features superior heat and chemical resistance and can effectively control thermal expansion when added to glass, resins, and other materials, improving heat resistance and preventing cracking.

Amenity care materials

Inorganic anti-bacterial agent NOVARON (for fiber and films)

NOVARON is an antimicrobial agent that provides anti-bacterial effect against various bacteria. NOVARON has a fine particle (1um average particle diameter and narrow particle size distribution). Therefore, it is suitable for textile products, thin film and coating. NOVARON has low water content and rarely creates foam during heating treatment. It has high level of safety.

Inorganic anti-bacterial agent NOVARON (for resin)

This type features a new type of glass-based antimicrobial agent that uses zinc as its active ingredient. Its excellent discoloration resistance and high suitability for transparent resins make it applicable in a wide range of products. It has high level of safety.

Silver-based inorganic anti-bacterial agent NOVARON AQ

NOVARON AQ is an inorganic, granular antimicrobial agent of a silver ion elution type for water processing. Long-term water-related degradation can be managed by immersing this agent in water tanks, drain water, and others.

Inorganic/Organic hybrid anti-mold agent CAVINON

Cavinon is a hybrid anti-mold agent with intercalated active organic ingredients in a layered inorganic compound. Cavinon has higher heat resistance, water resistance and sustainability compared to conventional organic anti-mold agents. It can be used in a variety of applications where durability is required.

Inorganic deodorant KESMON

KESMON is an inorganic chemical adsorbent deodorant that features superior adsorbent and deodorizing effects against foul odors and VOCs in the living environment. With high heat resistance and durability, it can be used in a wide variety of applications including films, papers, non-woven fabrics, textiles, molded parts, paints and more.

Inorganic anti-Aller-substance processing agent AlleRemove

AlleRemove is an anti-Aller-substance-processing agent that helps to reduce the activity of allergenic substances that arise from dust mites, pollen, and more on textile products or other interior materials, by integrating into coating or molding processes.

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