Toagosei's Four Strengths

1.Balanced Business Portfolio

The Toagosei Group maintains a balanced business portfolio comprising five segments. Our broad product lineup spans from basic chemicals used by industry, such as electrolysis products to acrylic monomers, to finished products for consumers, such as instant glue Aron Alpha and nursing care product Anjyu. This broad product mix ensures we have built a balanced business portfolio resilient in the face of economic changes.

2.Broad product mix, from upstream to downstream

Today, the Toagosei Group finds itself in the "functional product development period" comprised of adhesives and acrylic polymers, after emerging from the "basic chemicals development period" at its founding comprised of electrolysis products and the "petrochemical products development period" for acrylic ester. Through our long history, we have built a robust business foundation, having established integrated operations and product mix in electrolysis and acrylic products spanning from upstream to downstream.

3.Products with leading market share

We have developed products that maintain a high share in their respective markets both inside and outside of Japan that drive our business growth. These include our flagship instant glue Aron Alpha, our specialty acrylic monomer and oligomer for UV-curable resins ARONIX, polymer flocculant used in wastewater and sludge treatment ARONFLOC, and pioneer in nursing care brands Anjyu.

4.Thorough response to environmental, social, governance (ESG)

The Toagosei Group is highly committed to responsible care (RC) activities and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our management team focuses on all aspects of ESG, including working with local communities, improving employees' work-life balance, strengthening corporate governance, and responding to the SDGs. In this manner, we are contributing to the sustainable development of society.