Human Resources Development

We are promoting a workplace environment that enables employees to expand their skills and enjoy work with enthusiasm.

Recruiting Activities

The Group seeks people with the enthusiasm and tenacity to think and tackle issues independently and see tasks through to the end. We clearly identify the ideal candidates we are seeking through company information sessions, websites, and other means to ensure understanding of our requirements by greater numbers of people. In selecting recruits, we place importance on interviews and consider the candidates' ability to contribute and flourish in the Group a more important criterion than academic qualifications or past track record.

Human Resources Development Policy and Systems

To realize the Group Vision, the Group is strengthening its high value-added businesses and implementing a growth strategy that includes overseas development. We consider each individual employee as the source of power to achieve the Group Vision and aim to maximize and expand the latent potential of each individual. To develop excellent, highly motivated human resources who will drive the Group's growth and support employees pursuing self-growth, we conduct a wide range of educational programs, including level-specific training, training for promoted employees, and other group training as well as e-learning, distance learning, and overseas training.

Development of Young Employees

The Group focuses on developing young employees in the hope that they will become a substantial part of the workforce at an early stage. Having positioned the first three years after joining Toagosei as the intensive development period, we offer these employees step-by-step and level-specific training until the third year to improve their basic skills as a member of society and other skills necessary to perform their duties. In our programs, we encourage trainees to work closely with their colleagues who joined Toagosei at the same time so that their amicable rivalry leads to the improvement of future actions and self-growth. We aim to develop young employees who can think independently and proactively take actions by involving other people.

Development of Young Employees

Technical Education

To further strengthen development of personnel equipped with skills that contribute to stable workplaces and actively pass down our technologies and skills to the next generation, we have assigned employees responsible for technical education to the Nagoya Plant, enhancing specialized education in technical departments (operation, equipment, unit operation, safety, etc.). Group training includes an interactive program that enables participants to not only acquire basic knowledge, but also deepen their understanding by exchanging views about the workplace equipment they choose to study. The introduction of a simulator for process education has enabled us to offer more practical education. Using this simulator, trainees can learn about not only operating methods but also process principles. By offering simulated operation similar to the behavior of an actual plant, this training increases a trainee's analytical ability and response capability, such as in detecting abnormal signs of plant operation, performing operation in the event of abnormality and in detecting causes of the abnormality. We are also developing personnel to ensure safe and stable operation by enhancing safety education including experience-based training and hazard prediction training.

Self-development and Career Development Assistance

The Group has prepared distance education, e-learning courses and online video courses that contribute to knowledge acquisition and skills development in areas such as basic business skills, management skills, and job-specific knowledge. We support the growth of employees who complete such training by setting up an assistance program that covers training fees and establishing an environment that facilitates employees' self-development. Furthermore, we conduct TOEIC tests and actively support acquisition of public qualifications, using them to support the career development of employees.

Self-declaration System

To promote appropriate assignment of employees, Toagosei has instituted the self-declaration system. Once a year, employees express their thoughts and wishes about their own work to the company, and employees and their immediate managers discuss the declaration contents in an interview.

Suggestion Scheme, Service Invention Compensation Scheme

Toagosei has instituted the Suggestion Scheme to identify original, ingenious inventions and ideas of individual employees and promote employee self-expression and workplace refinements and improvements. Also, when an employee has made a service invention, device, or design, we reward the accomplishment through the Service Invention Compensation System. Excellent suggestions and service inventions are recognized through the Awards System via a review committee. Through these initiatives, we continuously seek to energize employees and promote business process improvement and innovation.