Adhesive material

  • Aron Alpha®, one of our best-selling products that continues to change through innovation and our commitment to technological advancement
  • Our instant glues are also sold overseas under the brand name Krazy Glue.
  • Our proprietary functional adhesives are used in electronic materials, automobiles and various other sectors.
  • SQ Series photocurable resins are organic/inorganic hybrids with combination of photo-curing organic.

The Adhesive material business consists of proprietary distinct products developed by our original technologies.

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Our adhesives help to improve the cost and speed of manufacturing and repair through adhesion of various materials such as plastics, rubber, metals, wood, leather, and ceramics. We are constantly enhancing our product range of highly functional adhesives to meet diverse needs in the home, in industry such as for electronics materials, automobiles, and precision equipment.

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Instant glue Aron Alpha is sold in the United States under the brand name KRAZY GLUE.

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We offer an extensive lineup of proprietary distinct adhesives that include the instant glue Aron Alpha®.

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