Performance Chemicals High-purity Inorganic Chemicals

Toagosei manufactures high-purity products including caustic potash and hydrochloric acid for use as raw materials. We have an integrated production line that spans from raw materials sourcing to high-purity finished products, eliminating intermediate transportation and also the risk of contamination. We have established a strong track record in supplying high purity and stable products for the semiconductor, electronic materials, and pharmaceuticals fields.

High-purity inorganic chemicals underpin technologies in most advanced fields as essential materials for semiconductors and electronics.

Main Products

Liquefied Hydrogen Chloride (General Purpose and High-Purity)

Liquefied hydrogen chloride is used in epitaxial processes for semiconductor manufacturing and in the manufacturing of intermediates for pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

High-purity Potassium Hydroxide Aqueous Solution

Product NameKOH L-HM, Super KOH Ex-α, and Super KOH R

We purify potassium hydroxide aqueous solution produced by electrolysis of salt water to produce products with less metal impurities.

High-purity Potassium Carbonate Aqueous Solution

This solution is used in electronic materials and as a raw material for high-purity chemicals.

High-grade ferric chloride solution (Iron trichloride solution)

This solution has a low content of other heavy metals. It is used in metal etching and pigments.

High-purity hexachlorodisilane

Product NameHCD

High-purity hexachlorodisilane (HCD) is a film forming material for semiconductors that was commercialized for the first time in the world by Toagosei.
Manufactured using our unique technologies, HCD occupies the top market share globally due to its high quality and stability.

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