• Piping equipment products are used for sewerage system,supporting the lifeline.
  • Anjyu brand nursing care products to contribute the aging society in the safety and high functionality.
  • Elastomer compound can be customized to meet diverse needs and provide new material.
  • Our high-performance acrylic rubber protective coating helps to extend the life of buildings.

We use sophisticated processing technologies to create high value added plastic products.

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Aronkasei Co., Ltd., a member of the Toagosei Group, succeeded in developing the first rigid PVC piping product in Japan, called ARON PIPE. Since then, they have been pioneers in the fields of piping equipment products with joints, chambers, and more. They are also the leading manufacturer of nursing care goods, putting their assembly and processing technologies to work with products like the Anjyu brand portable toilet. Aronkasei is currently focusing on the development of its piping equipment products, nursing care goods, and elastomer compounds, and using plastics in its unique manufacturing practices to broaden their business to everything from creating comfortable daily living to community building through infrastructure development.

Aronkasei Co., Ltd.

Product Areas

Products for construction and civil engineering

Contributing to comprehensive maintenance solutions with acrylic rubber type highly functional protective coatings and waterproofing materials.

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