Toagosei Hydrogen Station Tokushima

Toagosei operates a hydrogen station located next to its Tokushima Plant.

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Toagosei is focusing achieving carbon neutrality as part of its measures to prevent global warming.
The use of hydrogen energy is part of these activities.
Hydrogen energy is being utilized with the operation of a hydrogen station Tokushima located next to the Tokushima plant, which manufactures hydrogen.

Toagosei Hydrogen Station Tokushima (view at night)


Supplying hydrogen to Toagosei Hydrogen Station Tokushima directly from the manufacturing plant eliminates the need for transportation.
This means there is no carbon dioxide generated for transportation, which contributes to carbon neutrality. The lack of transportation costs also ensuring hydrogen can be supplied at a low cost.

Hydrogen shuttle (mobile hydrogen station)


Toagosei Hydrogen Station Tokushima

Site area 2,826 m2 (854-tsubo)
Filling pressure 82 MPa
Filling capacity over 300 Nm3/h, for approx. 50 FCV/day
Applicable vehicle types FCV and FCB

Hydrogen shuttle (mobile hydrogen station)

Able to fill 3 FCV/day