Polymer and Oligomer Polymer Flocculant

Our subsidiary MT AquaPolymer, Inc. manufactures and sells high-quality polymer flocculants produced using precision polymer technologies.
ARONFLOC, a longstanding polymer flocculant product, is used in the domestic wastewater purification process to condense the sludge that occurs, making it collectible in lumps that sink to the bottom, which can be efficiently separated from wastewater. As it hygienically reduces the amount of wastewater, making it disposable, ARONFLOC is also widely used outside sewage treatment plants, including for paper manufacturing and food processing plants to treat wastewater. In addition to offering a broad range of products to suit customers' needs, we also offer technical services for treating wastewater and sludge by leveraging our many years of experience in applied technologies.

MT AquaPolymer, Inc.

ARONFLOC is used in wastewater treatment.