Tokyo Technology Laboratory

In 2018, we established the Tokyo Technology Laboratory as a hub for quickly responding to customer requests and difficulties. For example, if a customer is considering adhesives or coating materials, but is unsure of how to proceed, the lab can provide access to facilities and provide technical guidance. This includes various forms of technical work, such as application, adhesion, strength testing, and observation, conducted in the presence of Toagosei engineers.

4F, Eagle Building, 1-14-12, Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo




  • Evaluates adhesives and coating materials in a convenient location in Tokyo next to the Toagosei head office.
  • Provides services ranging from simple compounds to strength measurement and fracture surface observation.
  • Fully equipped with a yellow room, enabling the handling of UV-curable materials.

Using the Tokyo Technology Lab

Using the Tokyo Technology Lab


Equipment Specifications Services
Tension tester with constant temperature chamber Adhesive strength measurement (peeling, shearing, shrinking) Temperature range: room temperature to 280℃ Strength testing of joined work pieces to 10kN
Measurement of hot working strength
Heat press Max pressure: 10t
Heat plate dimensions: 250mm×250mm
Temperature range: room temperature to 300℃
Adhesives hot melt materials and heat curable materials
Film preparation
UV conveyor Metal-halide lamp
Max work piece: 130mm x 60mm
Max weight: up to 1kg
Curing and adhesion of UV-curable materials
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy Frequency range: 4,000 to 350cm-1
LiTaO3 detector
Surface analysis and simple identification of droplets and films
Measurement of reaction rate and confirmation of peeling boundary
Microscope Observation under 35x to 2500x magnification Observation of adhesive surface cracks Microscopic observation
Draft - Handling of substances that cause odors

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