Polymer and Oligomer Business

Broad lineup of downstream acrylic derivatives offering myriad functions
Acrylic polymers are compounds formed with other molecules, while utilizing the characteristics of acrylic acid and acrylic esters, that are used in a wide range of applications, such as dispersants, thickeners, pressure sensitive adhesives, binders, and paint vehicles.
ARONIX® is a UV-curable resin made of special acrylic monomer and oligomer developed by Toagosei that solidifies when irradiated with ultraviolet rays. It can be broadly divided into the three categories of special acrylate, urethane acrylate, and polyester acrylate. ARONIX® is highly regarded as an eco-friendly product because it can be cured in a short period of time using UV-irradiation and requires no solvent. This feature lends itself to applications such as coatings and adhesives for liquid crystal panels, as well as inks and paints. We manufacture ARONIX® at three locations; namely, the Nagoya Plant, Toa - Jet Chemical Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), and TOA-DIC Zhangjiagang Chemical Co., Ltd. (China)

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