Responsible Care Management

Basic Policies for Responsible Care

Mindful of its responsibilities as chemical company, the Toagosei Group carries out Responsible Care (RC) activities under the Basic Policies for RC in order to ensure safety (occupational health and safety, process safety and disaster prevention, product safety, and physical distribution safety) and to protect the environment. In accordance with our corporate philosophy and policy of contributing to society by offering useful chemical products, our top priority is to ensure safety of workers and the general public throughout our business activities. Our aim is to reduce the environmental impacts of all our processes from procurement of raw materials to final disposal of products after use.

The Toagosei Group strives to earn the trustworthiness of customers and society in general through its strong commitment to the safety of its products, occupational health and safety and environmental conservation in all processes from development through use to final disposal.

Basic Policies for Responsible Care

Toagosei Group and Responsible Care

Responsible Care (RC) activities are voluntary initiatives carried out by companies handling chemical substances to ensure environmental protection and health and safety throughout product life cycles. Companies disclose the results of these activities to communicate with society. Toagosei has been a member of the Japan Responsible Care Council (JRCC) since its establishment by the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA) in 1995. We are promoting RC activities across the entire Group. Toagosei endorsed the Responsible Care Global Charter established by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) in 2009 and revised in 2014. This endorsement signifies Toagosei's commitment to the proactive promotion of RC activities.

Toagosei Group and Responsible Care
Toagosei Group and Responsible Care
Environmental Policy

Make environmental protection integral to business activities and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

  1. aWe will reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities, including development, manufacture and shipment of chemicals and industrial products.
  2. bWe will comply with laws, regulations, agreements, customer requirements, and other requests regarding the environment.
  3. cWe will effectively conduct daily and routine inspections, take measures to prevent significant impacts on the environment, including from accidents and emergencies, and conduct necessary training.
  4. dWe will stipulate measurable environmental targets, evaluate and analyze their achievement regularly, and take necessary measures within a technically and economically feasible scope in response to major environmental impacts to spiral up the environmental management system. In addition, we will focus on the following.
    1. 1)Initiatives to prevent global warming
    2. 2)Initiatives to reduce environmental impacts
    3. 3)Initiatives for a recycling-oriented society
  5. eWe will effectively implement and maintain our documented environmental management system in order to improve environmental performance. We will promote educational and public relations activities in order to foster understanding and awareness of the environmental policy among all employees and partner business sites.
  6. fWe will disclose this policy at the request of external parties.