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Toagosei's electrolysis business has been in operation since the founding of the company, with manufacturing operations at the Nagoya Plant, Yokohama Plant, and Tokushima Plant. Our electrolysis business involves soda electrolysis with sodium chloride as the raw material and potassium electrolysis with potassium chloride as the raw material. The electrolysis of sodium chloride produces caustic soda and chlorine. Since caustic soda is used as a fundamental raw material in many industries, it is said that the level of soda industry development forms the index of a country's economic development. Caustic soda is used as a raw material in paper, pulp and chemical agents. On the other hand, chlorine is used for liquefied chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, and iron perchloride solution, etc. Our caustic potash is manufactured at the Nagoya Plant. We manufacture and store electrolysis products at multiple locations in order to provide a stable supply from the most optimal shipping location. Besides electrolysis products, we also manufacture and sell chemical agents such as sulfuric acid and sodium sulfite that are used in a wide range of industries.

Caustic soda is used in the paper manufacturing process

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Inorganic Products

Liquid caustic soda

Liquid caustic soda is a typical strong alkaline substance made by electrolyzing brine. It is used in a wide range of applications, including chemical fibers, paper and pulp, chemical agents, water and sewerage, and food additives.

Liquid chlorine

Chlorine gas derived from electrolyzing brine is chilled and compressed to make liquid chlorine. It is used in disinfecting tap water and as bleach. Additionally, since it reacts easily with other elements, it is used as the raw material of many chemical products.

Synthetic hydrochloric acid

Synthetic hydrochloric acid is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride, and a typical acidic substance. As an acid that is relatively easy to handle, it is widely used, including in neutralizing and pH adjustment, as raw material for industrial chemicals and foods, as well as surface treatment of metals. Our hydrochloric acid is a synthesized compound made using chlorine and hydrogen derived from brine electrolysis. It contains minimal impurities and can be used with a peace of mind.

Sodium hypochlorite

Product NameSodium hypochlorite, Tsuruchlon, TG Ballastcleaner

Sodium hypochlorite is manufactured using caustic soda and chlorine as the raw materials.
It is used in a wide range of applications, including disinfection of water, sewerage and pool, pulp bleaching, food industries, water and waste water treatment, and ballast water purification.

Sodium hypochlorite with low sodium chloride content

Product NameAron Clean, TsuruchlonN-40

Sodium hypochlorite with low sodium chloride content contains lower sodium chloride in order to minimize decomposition of sodium hypochlorite.

Sodium hypochlorite with low sodium chloride content (low bromate type)

Product NameAron CleanLB10, TsuruchlonSuper, TsuruchlonTW

A Sodium hypochlorite with low sodium chloride content with reduced chloric acid and bromic acid is used primarily in water supply due to tighter water quality regulations in recent years. With a stable quality derived from our proprietary methods, these are used in many fields that demand sanitary control, including water and sewer systems, pool disinfection, pharmaceuticals and food industries.

Caustic potash

Caustic potash is a typical strong alkaline substance made by electrolyzing aqueous solution of potassium chloride. It is widely used in many areas such as alkaline batteries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, various potash salts, detergents, and food additives. Our products come in liquid (general, low-KCI products) and solid forms.

Super Potash (Low Na caustic potash)

Super potash contains less sodium than regular caustic potash.
It is most suited for use in alkaline batteries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, various potash salts, and detergents owing to the stable quality resulting from our proprietary manufacturing process.

Iron perchloride solution (ferric chloride solution)

Iron perchloride solution is used in the electronics industry for etching printed circuit boards and lead frames. It is also used as a flocculant sewage and wastewater treatment.

Sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is used in a wide variety of fields, including chemical fibers, paper, pulp, and fertilizer manufacturing.

Sodium sulfite

Product NamePurified sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite

Purified sodium sulfite is used in paper pulp manufacturing and sewerage treatment.

Potassium pyrophosphate

Potassium pyrophosphate (chemical formula: K4P2O7) is a chemical agent used for plating applications.

Copper pyrophosphate and Copper potassium pyrophosphate solution

Copper pyrophosphate

Copper pyrophosphate (chemical formula: Cu2P2O7) is used for copper plating and is the raw material for copper pyrophosphate baths.

Copper pyrophosphate potassium solution

A mixed solution of copper pyrophosphate (chemical formula: Cu2P2O7) and potassium pyrophosphate (chemical formula: K4P2O7). It is used as the raw material for copper pyrophosphate baths.

Easily soluble copper oxide

A low-impurity copper oxide powder developed as a copper supplement for replenishing various copper plating solutions.
Applications include printed wiring board manufacturing and decorative plating of plastics.

Aron Zia Clean 200 hypochiorous acid solution

An aqueous solution of hypochlous acid is prepared using hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite.

Chlorinated Solvent


Product NameTRICHLEN

Trichlorethylene (chemical formula: C2HCl3) is one of the chlorinated organic solvents. It is a chlorinated organic solvent with a high degree of detergency. Trichlorethylene offers a high degree of degreasing action compared to other chlorinated solvents.


Product Name Perchloroethylene

Tetrachloroethylene (chemical formula: C2Cl4) is a highly stable chlorinated solvent. It is used in cleaning metals and dry cleaning.


Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is used in a wide range of fields, such as cellophane, waterproofing agent, additive for plating baths, and leather dyeing.

Potassium bicarbonate fertilizer

Product NameCarborich

Potassium bicarbonate (chemical formula KHCO3) is used in potash fertilizer. It is a fertilizer with immediate effect that dissolves easily in water. As a weak alkaline fertilizer made up of carbon dioxide and potassium, which is chemically synthesized with the same composition as natural wood ash, it does not damage the soil. Also available in industrial format.

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