Message from Management

Under our corporate philosophy of "Through the endless possibilities of chemistry, we bring happiness created by highly functional materials," the Toagosei Group aims to achieve sustainable growth and enhance its mid- to long-term corporate value by creating new products and businesses.

In recent years, extreme weather events are increasing across the globe, novel infectious diseases are causing epidemics, the marine plastic pollution is becoming a serious threat, and while the global population is swelling, developed countries like Japan are faced with declining birthrates and aging population. These various social issues are becoming ever more evident, calling for urgent response.

The Toagosei Group's business portfolio is comprised of five business lines, Commodity Chemicals, Polymers & Oligomers, Adhesives Materials, Performance Chemicals, and Plastics, the last of which is operated by our affiliated company Aronkasei Co., Ltd. We offer a wide-range of products from upstream to downstream of the chemical industry.

We have set ourselves a sustainability policy of "challenge for value creation to deliver happiness to the future generations." By leveraging the diverse management resources including proprietary technologies and human resources we possess as a chemical manufacturer, we strive to fulfill our social responsibility and at the same time develop and provide products that will help build a sustainable and affluent society.

Toward our 100th anniversary in 2044, we hope to further develop our business as a Group recognized for its technological strengths and high value-added products, and in doing so, prosper together with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, local communities, business partners, employees, and future generations, thus contributing to society.

We always appreciate honest feedback and advice for the Toagosei Group. Thank you.


Mikishi Takamura