Performance Chemicals Cellulose Nano Fiber (CNF)

Cellulose nano fibers (CNF) derived from non-edible biomass are drawing attention as a material helping to achieve a carbon-free society. With strong, lightweight, flexible and transparent properties, it is being increasingly used in applications that call for high function materials, like those for automotive components. Fibrillating cellulose fibers derived from wood down to the single -nano-sized cellulose level (1/10000th that of a single human hair) requires vast amounts of energy, which in turn results in a large amount of CO2 emissions and high manufacturing costs—these make it difficult to put the superior characteristics of CNF into practical use. Toagosei was able to reduce the energy required for fibrillation, and achieve a lower cost. Our proprietary oxidized cellulose has been fibrillated into cellulose nano fibers. Short, single-nano fibers mean excellent dispersion, and adding it to resins, plastics, paints, adhesives, and other material can help improve their properties.
*2023 Japan Association for Chemical Innovation (JACI) 22nd Green Sustainable Chemistry Awards Incentive Award  Winner

Main Products

AronFibro Aqueous Dispersion

Oxidized cellulose can easily be made into nano-sized fibers. A new proprietary manufacturing method means lower viscosities. Higher concentrations can also be supplied.

AronFibro Rubber Masterbatch

This is a masterbatch of CNF and rubber with good dispersiveness obtained from AronFibro. It is possible to achieve both elasticity and breaking strength while maintaining rubber-like properties.

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