Declaration (Commitment to Achieve the Corporate Philosophy)

New possibilities for society and the future happiness for everyone-these are the things that we will deliver through our highly functional materials.We deliver.

We will continue to challenge ourselves.
Building on the technologies we have acquired thus far, we will strive to enter new fields to provide the sort of value that only we can offer.

We will never stop moving.
We will recognize the various changes in the world around us and be a societal leader through the power of chemistry, conducting ourselves as a company that co-exists with the people of society.

This declaration consists of three paragraphs, with the first paragraph concisely expressing the meaning of the corporate philosophy. The second and third paragraphs indicate the determination and volition to actualize the corporate philosophy, and incorporates the following belief.

  • We possess strengths in product development and technologies unrivaled by our peers. In order to continue providing our proprietary values that differentiate us into the future, we will keep on harnessing our accumulated strengths and constantly challenge new areas without fearing the risks or failure.
  • We hope to be indispensable as a leader in developing an enriched society through our chemicals business. In order to do so, we will identify the current and future needs of the customers, partners, and society and take actions to make it happen.