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Acrylic acid, positioned at the starting point of the acrylic chain, is manufactured at Oita PlantAcrylic esters (acrylates) are manufactured at our Nagoya Plant and Toagosei Singapore Pte Ltd. Acrylic acid and acrylic ester are characterized by their excellent flexibility, weatherability, glossiness, transparency and adhesiveness. Acrylic acid is used as a raw material in acrylic polymers and highly water-absorptive resins, while acrylic esters (acrylates) are used as a raw material in paint, adhesives, and acrylic rubbers, among others.

In addition to acrylic monomers, we manufacture and sell ATBS, which possesses a sulfonic acid group and is used in a wide range of applications, as well as ethylene carbonate, which is characterized by its high polarity and excellent solubility.

Acrylic esters (acrylates) are used as a raw material in tape adhesives.

Main Products

Acrylic monomers

Acrylic acid

Product NameAbbreviation GAA

As an upstream product of our company's core business of acrylic products, acrylic acid is used in manufacturing our downstream products such as acrylic polymers and ARONIX, as well as used as the raw material of highly water-absorptive resins.

Acrylic esters (acrylates)

Product NameAbbreviation MA, EA, BA, 2EHA

As a derivative of acrylic acid, acrylic esters (acrylates) are one of our company's main products, which is used as a raw material in paint, adhesives, acrylic rubbers, and acrylic fibers, among others.

Special acrylic esters (acrylates)


Special acrylic esters (acrylates), as one of the acrylic acid derivatives, are used as a raw material in paint, adhesives, resin modifier, polymer flocculants, and more.

Chemical products

Acrylamide tertiary butyl sulfonic acid (ATBS, a special monomer containing sulfonic acid group)

Product NameATBS

ATBS is a unique vinyl monomer that has a sulfonic acid group, its polymer form is used in many applications such as well additives, water treatment agents, and textile dyeing aids.

Ethylene carbonate

Product NameEC

An organic solvent with the features of high polarity, highly solubility against water, organic solvent and polymer substances.

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