Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy on Information Disclosures

Toagosei Co., Ltd. (below, "the Company") will strive to disclose information to stakeholders including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and local communities in a timely, appropriate and fair manner pursuant to the Toagosei Group Basic Policy on Corporate Governance in an effort to obtain their correct understanding of the Group.

2. Standards of Information Disclosure

The Company will disclose not only financial information of the Group, such as financial condition and management results, but also non-financial information on such topics as management strategy, risks and corporate governance in a timely, appropriate and fair manner pursuant to laws such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Companies Act and the rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
In addition, the Company will actively disclose other information not set forth in laws and rules determined to be useful or beneficial for stakeholders to establish a correct understanding of the Group.

3. Information Disclosure System

The Company has established the IR Committee chaired by the director responsible for information disclosure (General Manager of the Group Administrative Division) and whose members are selected by the head of corporate divisions.
Committee members determine important information and prevent the leakage of insider information by reporting information concerning timely disclosures from the business departments they are responsible for to the committee.
After approval is obtained without delay from the appropriate decision-making body and Representative Director regarding important matters such as facts, financial results information and voluntary disclosure information, the General Manager of the Group Administrative Division instructs the Corporate Communication Department under the Group Administrative Division to disclose information. In turn, the department disseminates information as the department in charge of information handling and serves as the contact point for inquiries from stakeholders.

Internal System for Timely Disclosure of Company Information

Internal System for Timely Disclosure of Company Information

4. Methods of Information Disclosure

The Company discloses information through the electronic disclosure system (EDINET) for disclosure documents such as securities reports provided by the Financial Services Agency and the timely disclosure network (TDnet) of Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company also posts information to its website immediately after disclosure.
In addition, the Company actively posts to its website information on the Group determined to be useful or beneficial to stakeholders.

5. Quiet Period

The Company observes a quiet period from the day after the fiscal year end, including quarterly financial results, to the financial results announcement date in order to prevent leakages of financial results information including quarter financial results and secure the fairness of information disclosures. During this period, the Company does not disclose information concerning financial results or earnings forecasts.
However, if significant revisions to the earnings forecast are anticipated during the quiet period, the Company will disclose these following the rules for timely disclosure.
Furthermore, the Company will respond to inquiries concerning information on the Group that is already public knowledge, even during the quiet period.

6. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties and Earnings Forecast by Third Parties

During individual meetings with institutional investors and analysts, the Company will only discuss facts that have already been published, commonly known facts, and general information on the business climate.
The Company does not endorse any comments or earnings forecasts by third parties.