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We offer Aron Alpha, synonymous with instant glue, as well as many functional adhesives for a wide range of applications, including for electronics and automobiles.

Functional adhesives are used in the manufacturing of IC cards.

Main products

Instant glues

Instant glue Aron Alpha

Product NameAron Alpha

Aron Alpha is an adhesive with α-cyanoacrylate as the main ingredient. It adheres strongly to a wide range of materials.

Aron Alpha Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories to further enhance the usability of Aron Alpha.

Functional adhesives

Light-curable adhesives

Product NameARONIX

ARONIX is an adhesive that reacts with high sensitivity to visible light and ultraviolet light. We offer products that employ UV-light and anaerobic curing mechanisms as well as visible light and UV-light curable polymer products to meet the requirements of different adherend structures.

High Functional Reactive Adhesives

Product Name

ARON MIGHTY is a line of reactive adhesives with distinctive features, including epoxy, urethane, and nylon types, which are developed using our proprietary technology. These products are used in a wide range of fields including electronics, automotive, and building materials.

Hot melt adhesives

Product NameARON MELT

ARON MELT is an adhesive that is solid at room temperature. It can be applied when heat melted and adheres as it solidifies after cooling. It can bond surfaces within a short time, which improves workability.

Film adhesives

Product NameARON MELT

ARON MELT is available in a film format. It ensures a uniform thickness of the adhesive layer, eliminates the application or drying process on site, as well as simplifies the production of various composite films through laminate processing.

Silsesquioxane Derivative

Product NameUV-curable SQ Series

This is an organic-inorganic hybrid material that combines an inorganic backbone with UV-curable organic functional groups at the molecular level. We offer a lineup of products that utilize radical polymerization and cationic polymerization.

Powder paints

Product Name

ARON POWDER is an eco-friendly powder type of paint that requires no organic solvent. Powder paints are very economical as unused paint can be recovered and reused to reduce waste.

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