Products for Construction and Civil Engineering

In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in interest in global environmental protection and extending the life of existing buildings through renovation work. Toagosei is a leading manufacturer of construction products such as waterproofing coating materials for rooftops, protective coatings for exterior walls, and tiled wall improvement methods. Toagosei provides consistent, high-quality services ranging from the supply of materials to actual construction work.

Toagosei advocates a total maintenance solution

We advocate a total maintenance solution that can extend the longevity of buildings using roof and exterior wall waterproofing materials developed using our proprietary acrylic technologies.

Main Products

Construction Materials

Exterior Wall Materials

Roofing Materials

Materials for Preventing Water Absorption by Exposed Concrete

Veranda Waterproofing Materials

Civil Engineering Products

Surface Protection Coating Materials for Civil Engineering Structures

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Inquiries about construction work involving Aron Wall, Aron Coat SQ, and the Aron QD Series can also be addressed to the Japan Aron Coat/Aron Wall Waterproofing Contractors Association.