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In recent years, there has been growing worldwide interest in protecting the natural environment and extending the lifespan of existing buildings with renovation work. Toagosei is a market leading manufacturer of construction materials such as waterproofing coatings for rooftops, protective coatings for exterior walls, and tiled wall improvement methods. Toagosei provides integrated services from the supply of materials to actual construction work.

Toagosei transferred the construction material sales business to Aronkasei on January 1, 2016.

CLEARWALL protects buildings with tiled exterior finishes.

Toagosei Advocates Total Maintenance Solutions

We advocate total maintenance solutions that extend the lifespan of buildings using roof and exterior waterproofing featuring our proprietary acrylic technologies.

Main Products

Construction materials

Exterior walls


For general exterior wall improvement work on RC and ALC panels

ARONWALL is a pioneering product that first introduced the concept of waterproofing and building protection to the exterior wall painting industry. Since its release in 1973, ARONWALL has been used by our construction partners to cover more than 100 million m2 of exterior walls nationwide in Japan. As a result, this ultra highly functional acrylic rubber protective coating has earned a strong reputation in the construction industry.


For improving tiled exterior walls of commercial facilities and residential buildings

This transparent and flexible coating film prevents rain from seeping into cracked tiles and joint mortars, preventing tiles from detaching in the future. In addition to making the color of the tiling joints richer and more attractive, the film stops streaking due to rain, protecting the appearance over an extended period of time.


For improvement work of finishing coatings for construction and exterior walls of RC structures

ARON QD TILE is an elastic tile that reduces costs while also offering strong adhesion and coverage of cracks. This primer-less high-performance elastic tile combines the benefits of both acrylic rubber systems and polymer cement systems.

Roofing materials


A unique waterproofing for flat and pitched roofs that can also be used as an overlay for asphalt roofs and waterproofing exposed asphalt

ARONCOAT SQ is a roof waterproofing coated film that uses an acrylic rubber system with two reactive ingredients. In addition to the features of conventional coated film waterproofing, it is exceptionally durable, eco-friendly and reliable. ARONCOAT SQ is widely recognized for its performance, having passed a third-party construction technology review and certification process.


For improvement work on folded-plate roofs of factories and warehouses and on ribbed seam roofing of gymnasiums

ARON QD BOSEI COAT is made from highly elastic thick acrylic rubber providing exceptional waterproofing, corrosion resistance and heat shielding. This thick yet highly elastic coating film is revolutionary because it covers the expansion and contraction of steel plates, eliminating causes of corrosion, while also dampening sound, reducing noise from rainfall and other sources.


For improvement work on the slate roofs of factories, warehouses and gymnasiums

ARON QD SLATE is designed to protect, reinforce and block heat using its highly elastic thick acrylic rubber. ARON QD SLATE can encapsulate asbestos from old buildings and prevent it from becoming airborne for a long period of time. It can also breathe new life into colorful and attractive roofs.

Material for preventing water absorption by exposed concrete


For improvement work on tiled exterior walls and exposed concrete

AQUAPROOF prevents rain from penetrating into a building and reduces the breakdown of porous inorganic materials. It also offers breathability because it does not form a film on the surface, maintaining the existing exterior design.

Material for waterproofing verandas


For waterproofing improvement work on verandas and balconies of multi-unit residential buildings

ARON QD VERANDA is used for waterproofing small verandas with a quick turnaround time.

Civil engineering products

Surface protection coating materials for civil engineering structures


For repair work on civil engineering structures, such as bridges, caissons and piers

ARONBULLCOAT is an acrylic rubber surface coating that extends the lifespan of civil engineering structures by protecting against salt damage, alkali-aggregate reactions, neutralization and freeze damage, which cause early degradation of concrete civil engineering structures.

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