Commodity Chemicals

  • Caustic soda is used in the paper manufacturing process.
  • High-quality sodium hypochlorite is used to sterilize tap water, helping to make our lives safer and more secure.
  • Sulfuric acid has a wide spectrum of demand as a basic material and it is also used as a raw material in fertilizers.
  • Acrylic ester is a raw material used in acrylic paints.

Commodity Chemicals playing a key role in supporting various industries as essential basic materials.

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Inorganic products business is the oldest segment of Toagosei’s broad business portfolio. The chemical products it supplies are not only essential raw materials, but are also widely used by many different industries, and include caustic soda, caustic potash, various chlorides, sulfuric acid, industrial gases, and others. By supplying these essential chemicals to industries we are contributing to better living.
The acrylic monomer business is one of the core businesses of the Toagosei Group. The Group inside and outside of Japan is working together to reinforce its foundation and expand the business of acrylic derivatives. To achieve this, we are strengthening the monomer business, which increases our competitiveness in the cost of derivatives.

Product areas

Inorganic products

We carry sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid used widely by a broad range of industries.

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Acrylic monomers and chemical products

Acrylic acids are used as the raw material for acrylic polymers, UV-curable Resins, polymer flocculants, highly water absorbent resins, etc, and acrylate esters are used as the raw material in paints, viscosity adhesives, acrylic gums, etc.

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Industrial gases

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and various other gases contribute directly to industrial development.

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