Sustainability Management Structure

Following its Sustainability Policy, the Group is continually improving CSR activities by implementing the PDCA cycle to improve its ISO-certified environmental and quality management systems. Pursuant to the Toagosei Group's policy and targets, each operating company establishes its own policy and targets, based on which each operating company and its business sites draw up individual action plans to promote and review activities. Meetings of the Sustainability Promotion Committee and the Responsible Care Committee are convened and CSR audits are performed in order to collectively monitor CSR activities at each operating company and business site as well as progress toward fulfilling policies and attaining targets. In turn, this information is used to make continual improvements across the entire Toagosei Group.

Structure of Sustainability Activities

Functions and Activities of Sustainability Promotion Organizations

Sustainability Promotion Committee

Sustainability Promotion Committee is a decision-making body for deliberating and deciding upon policies, targets and plans to maintain and improve the entire Group's CSR initiatives.

CSR Audits

CSR audits are carried out prior to Sustainability Promotion Committee meeting. Audit Administrators, designated by the Chairperson of Sustainability Promotion Committee, visit each operating company and business site to audit CSR initiatives. The results of these audits are reported back to Sustainability Promotion Committee.

Responsible Care Committee

The Responsible Care (RC) Committee comprehensively examines RC activities at each operating company and business site. It also considers how best to pursue RC activities in the following fiscal year.