Privacy Policy

1. Legal Compliance

Toagosei Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) complies with laws concerning the protection of personal information as well as other related laws and ordinances and the Company’s rules including its Personal Information Protection Regulations.

2. Collection and Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company may ask users of this website to provide personal information within the scope necessary to submit an inquiry about the Company or the Toagosei Group or to request a brochure or other materials. This personal information will be used for the following purposes only:

  1. To respond to inquiries or provide brochures or other materials;
  2. To provide information about products or services offered by the Company or the Toagosei Group;
  3. To provide information about exhibitions or product briefings held by the Company or the Toagosei Group;
  4. To provide information about products or services to fulfill a contractual obligation; and
  5. To respond when a shareholder exercises his/her rights based on the Commercial Code, Companies Act or other related law or ordinance and to fulfill the Company’s related obligations.

3. Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will never provide or disclose personal information given by users of this website to a third party, except in the following instances:

  1. When the person providing the personal information gives consent;
  2. When required to do so by laws and regulations;
  3. When necessary to disclose within the Toagosei Group in order to respond appropriately to an inquiry from a customer; and
  4. When necessary to disclose to an outsourcing partner or business tie-up partner within the scope of the purpose of use clearly stipulated in advance.

4. Management of Personal Information

The Company takes appropriate measures in order to prevent the divulgation, loss, destruction, and illegal access to personal information provided by users of this website. The Company will carry out appropriate oversight in case it outsources the handling of personal information.

5. Disclosure, Revisions, Suspension of Use or Deletions of Personal Information

The Company will respond appropriately to requests from users of this website who provided personal information to disclose, revise, suspend the use of, or delete personal information retained and managed by the Company, after verifying that the identity of the requester is the same as that of the user who provided the personal information. However, it may not be possible to fulfill all such requests based on interpretations of related laws and ordinances.

6. Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy shall apply to all parts of this website ( and This Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites linked from this website.

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