Inorganic functional materialsIon-trapping Agent IXE®

The disadvantages of conventional organic ion exchange resins are low heat resistance and poor resistance to organic solvents. While clay minerals and zeolite have long been known as inorganic ion exchangers, they have disadvantages of poor reproducibility of functions and lack of water resistance.
IXE® is a series of inorganic ion exchangers which we industrialized for the first time in the world in order to overcome the disadvantages of conventional organic and inorganic ion exchangers.



IXE® is an ion-trapping agent with superior ion-trapping capacity and heat resistance properties. The reliability of electronics materials can be improved by adding this agent to sealing resin and the like.

  • With superior heat resistance, the agent can be used at high temperatures of over 100°C.
  • A high ion selectivity; specific ions can be trapped through co-existing ions.
  • Effective even in conditions with almost no moisture.
  • High resistance to radiation means no deterioration even under strong radiation.
  • Superior resistance to organic chemicals and to melting resins.
  • High resistance to oxidation, meaning it can be used in oxidizing environments.

Mechanism of IXE®/IXEPLAS

The reliability of electronics materials can be improved by adding this agent to trap impurity ions in sealants.

IXE® not added

IXE® added

  • IC encapsulating material (EMC, liquid encapsulating material, and more)
  • FPC Adhesives and Resist Inks
  • Paints (coating film durability, improvement of rust resistance effects)
  • Organic solvents, purification of monomers, etc.

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