Inorganic Functional Materials (Environmental Amenity and Electronic Materials) Inorganic anti-Aller-substance processing agent AlleRemove

AlleRemove is an anti-Aller-substance-processing agent that helps to reduce the activity of aller-substances that arise from dust mites, pollen, and more on textile products or other interior materials, by coating the products or mixing it in.

Home electronics
Televisions and DVD Major appliance Others
Environment and energy
Recycling Reduce environmental impact Others
Basic materials
Pulp and paper products Resin and rubber additives Paint, ink, coatings and adhesives Others
Automobile interior
Interior and exterior Daily sundries Toiletries Printing materials Agriculture and livestock Packaging materials Others
Social infrastructure and residences
Building structure, water and sewage Others
Barrier and protection Molding and processability Water resistance Heat resistance Chemical resistance Dispersibility Weatherability


  • High water resistance because its main ingredients are inorganic substances.
  • Effectively reduces allergenic substances such as dust mites and cedar pollen.
  • White powder leads to the advantage to maintain the appearance.
  • Superior heat resistance enables use in a variety of processes.
  • Extremely safe and can be used in a wide range of applications.


Interior Curtains, carpets, floor mats, furniture, wallpaper and flooring materials
Filters Filters for air purifiers and air conditioners
Clothing and bedding Hats, masks, towels, shirts, sheets, pillows and cotton wadding of bedding
Automobile interior Seats and floor mats


Mechanism of action

It is believed to have the effects by adsorbing・modifying aller-substance.

Examples of processing

Application by spreading on textiles

Fabric treated with 3g/m2 of AlleRemove indicated superior aller‐substance reduction effect.

Anti-allergen processing method

A mixed cotton and acrylic fabric dried at 100℃ after being soaked in a dispersion liquid combining 20% AlleRemove with an NV20 acrylic binder so that the fabric absorbed 3g/m2 of AlleRemove.

Quantitative evaluation of anti-allergenic substances

The aller-substance reduction rate was measured by ELISA after 3 hours shaking the liquid containing 20 ng house dust material (Derf2) and 10 cm2 fabric.

Evaluation sample Aller-subustance reduction rate
Processed fabric (unwashed) >99%
Processed fabric (washed) >99%
Untreated fabric <10%
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