Acrylic Monomers & Chemical Products Acrylamide tertiary butyl sulfonic acid
(ATBS, a special monomer containing sulfonic acid group)

ATBS is a unique vinyl monomer that has a sulfonic acid group, its polymer form is used in many applications such as textiles, flocculants, dispersants, scale control agents, and well additives. It is highly polymerizable and can be easily copolymerized with acrylonitrile, acrylic acid, acrylic esters (acrylates), acrylamide, and so on using basic method.

Product Name
Heat resistance Flame retardance Reactivity Water holding ability Spinnability Viscosity thickening ability Ion resistance Solubility (scale)

Our products

ATBS powders/granules

Other names Acrylamide t-butyl sulfonic acid, N-t-butyl acrylamide sulfonic acid
Usage Well additives, water treatment agent (mainly as scale preventing agent), and acrylic fiber dyeing aids, Paint and coatings, paper, pulp industry
Legal regulations Chemical Substances Control Law: 2-2821
Packaging available Powders 20 kg paper bag, 100 kg drum
Granules 150 kg drum
ATBS-Na aqueous solution 20 kg bottle, 1,200 kg container
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