Acrylic Monomers & Chemical Products Ethylene carbonate

An organic solvent with the features of high polarity, highly solubility against water, organic solvent and polymer substances.

Product Name
Structural formula of ethylene carbonate
(Chemical formula: C3H4O3)
Cross-linking High strength Reactivity Inertness


  1. 1.Colorless crystals with a low melting point.
  2. 2.High boiling point and low vapor pressure.
  3. 3.Highly polar organic solvent.
  4. 4.Mix well with water and many organic solvents. Excellent at dissolving polymers.
  5. 5.The solution has a low viscosity.
  6. 6.Undergoes ring opening condensation reaction on many compounds with active hydrogen.
  7. 7.Has a flash point, but solid at room temperature.
  8. 8.Not considered a dangerous article under the Fire Service Act.
  9. 9.High LD50 value, with little irritation to the skin.


  • Lithium ion battery electrolyte
  • Polycarbonate resin
  • Acrylic fiber processing agent, etc.


Ethylene carbonate

Specification item Packaging
Liquid Solid
(1)Exterior (foreign matter) Almost no foreign matter Almost no foreign matter
(2)Color tone (APHA) 30 and under 30 and under
(3)Purity (%) 99.0% and above 99.0% and above
(4)Freezing point (℃) 35.5 and above 35.5 and above
(5)Moisture (%) 0.10 and under 0.10 and under

Purified ethylene carbonate

Specification item Packaging
(1)Exterior (foreign matter) No foreign matter
(2)Color tone (APHA) 10 and under
(3)Purity (%) 99.99 and above
(4)Moisture (ppm) 20 and under
(5)EG (ppm) 20 and under
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