Functional Adhesives Light-curable adhesives

Light-curable adhesives are available in two types: UV-light curable and visible-light curable. They are one-liquid adhesives that undergo polymerization curing at room temperature as they react with high sensitivity to wavelength regions emitted by each light irradiating device. We offer products that employ UV-light and anaerobic curing mechanisms as well as visible light and UV-light curable polymer products in order to meet the requirements of different adherend structures.

Product name
Information technology
Electronics materials Computers Mobile information terminals
Home electronics
Televisions and DVDs Lighting equipment
Environment and energy
Reduce environmental impact
Basic materials
Resins and rubber additives Paints, inks, coatings and adhesives
Automobile interior Automobile exterior Engine rooms
Interior and exterior Daily sundries Printing materials Packaging materials
Barrier and protection Cross-linking Curability Refraction Flexibility Molding and processability Adhesiveness Water resistance Chemical resistance Translucency Transparency Adhesives Reactivity Waterproof and breathability Liquidity Weatherability


Excellent workability
One-liquid type and requires no measuring or mixing.
Improved productivity
Cured by light in a short time, reducing work time and cost.
Wide selection and design
Enables a wide selection and design of curing wavelength, anaerobicity, and cured product characteristics.
Type Series
Light-curable adhesives Visible light and UV-light curable types ARONIX LCR Series
UV-light curable type ARONIX UV-3000 Series

Curing wavelength regions

Capable of adhesion within a wide wavelength region of UV-light and visible light. An anaerobically curable type is also available for adherend not exposed to UV-light based on the material and shape.


  • Can be used for bonding a wide range of materials, including electronic parts, metals, glass, and plastics.
  • Suitable for bonding and assembling optical parts thanks to its excellent transparency.
  • The low shrinkage and low stress type is best suited for precision fixing.
  • Adjustable curability, hardness and viscosity.


Visible light and UV-light curable types ARONIX LCR Series

The ARONIX LCR Series of adhesives are curable within a wide range of wavelength regions from UV-light to visible light. As visible light can easily transmit through transparent and semi-transparent materials that are impermeable to UV-light, these materials can be bonded in a few seconds with light irradiation from above. Visible light is relatively safer for the human body in comparison to UV-light, and its light source equipment is also cheaper.

Features of ARONIX LCR Series

  1. 1. Responds to a wide wavelength region between UV-light and visible light.
  2. 2.Capable of bonding transparent and semi-transparent materials (PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, ABS, etc.) that are impermeable to UV-light in a few seconds.
  3. 3.Available in a wide range of grades, including a soft type with excellent stress relaxation, and a hard type selected based on the adherend material, such as resin, glass, or metal.
  4. 4.Suitable for bonding and assembling optical parts thanks to its excellent transparency.
  5. 5.The low shrinkage and low stress type is best suited for precision fixing.
Main grades LCR0628A LCR0632 LCR0305E
Appearance Colorless and transparent Colorless and transparent Milky white
Viscosity (mPa・s, 25℃) 12,000 4,000 130,000
Hardness (Shore D, 23℃) 35 45 70
Refractive index (nd, 25℃) 1.5 1.49 -
Water absorption rate (23℃ in water 24hr, %) 0.91 0.75 0.10
Expansion rate (%) 130 120 30
Tensile modulus (N/mm2) 9.8 290 420
Glass transition temperature (℃) 40 78 81
Thermal expansion coefficient (/℃, 30℃) 1.5×10-4 1.1×10-4 4.4×10-5
Thermal expansion coefficient (/℃, 150℃) 2.2×10-4 2.7×10-4 1.1×10-4
Curing shrinkage rate (%) 4.7 6.5 3.2
Tensile shear strength (MPa) Glass/Glass 4.5 13.8 8.3
Acrylic/Acrylic 2.5 1.8 1.8
Features and usage Low shrinkage, flexibility, transparency Excellent transparency Low curing shrinkage and low thermal expansion coefficient

ARONIX LCR Series areas of use

ARONIX LCR Series areas of use

UV-light curable type ARONIX UV Series

The ARONIX UV Series represents our lineup of one-liquid UV-curable resin compound products based on the ARONIX M Series of special acrylic monomers and oligomers developed by Toagosei.

Features of ARONIX UV Series

  1. 1.One-liquid type with excellent workability
  2. 2.Curable by UV-light within a short time.
    Enables automation and faster-paced manufacturing, while drastically cutting down costs.
  3. 3.Select and design from a wide range of curing methods and cured product characteristics.
    Can also be used in conjunction with heat curing if needed and can be used to cure a range of film thicknesses.
    Cured products can be made anywhere ranging from tough to soft with elasticity.

ARONIX UV Series areas of use

Bonding a wide range of materials, including electronic parts, metals, glass, and plastics.
Adjustable curability, hardness and viscosity.

Grades UV-3300 UV-3610 *2
Appearance Light yellow Light yellow
Viscosity 4,500 600
Hardness (Shore D, 25℃) 83 60
Flash point (℃) 95 105
Number of curable passes *1 2 1
Curing shrinkage rate (%) 8 8
Expansion rate (%) 20 130
Tensile shear adhesive strength (MPa) Steel/Glass 6.0 5.5
Glass 5.0 4.5
PMMA 5.0 4.0
PVC 2.0 5.0
PC 4.0 5.0
Features and usage For metals and glass For plastics
  • *180W/cm high pressure mercury lamp condensing type, lamp height 10 cm, conveyor speed 10m/mm, Mylar coated
  • *2Contains N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone
Adhesive Material

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