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Product name

ARONIX is a light-curable adhesive available in two types: a UV light-curing adhesive and a visible light-curable adhesive. Each is a one-liquid polymerized highly sensitive adhesive that reacts with the wavelength regions emitted from a light irradiator at room temperature. Because they react with various adhesive structures, our products include anaerobic curing mechanisms that react to UV light and products that harden when exposed to a combination of visible light and UV light.


Excellent workability
One-liquid type eliminates measuring and mixing.
Improved productivity
Its short cure time using light reduces work time and costs.
Wide selection and designs
Wide selection and designs cover various curing characteristics, cure wavelengths, and anaerobic curability.
  Type Series
Light-curable adhesives Visible light and UV light-curable type ARONIX LCR series
UV and anaerobically-curable type ARONIX BU series
UV curable type ARONIX UV-3000 series

Curable wavelength regions

Adhesion is possible across a range of wavelengths in both UV and visible light. We also carry anaerobic-curable adhesives that can cure even in areas not exposed to UV light due to the shape of the material or adherend.

  • These adhesives can be used in a wide range of bonding applications, including electronic components, metals, glass and plastics.
  • High transparency makes it suitable for bonding and assembly of optical components.
  • The low shrinkage and low stress types are best suited for precision fixation.
  • Curability, cure strength and viscosity can be adjusted.

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