Functional Adhesives High Functional Reactive Adhesives

ARON MIGHTY is a line of high functional reactive adhesives. We offer a wide range of distinctive grades developed using our proprietary technologies for epoxy, urethane, and nylon, which are used in many different fields from electronic materials to automotive and building materials.

Product name
Information technology
Electronics materials Computers Mobile information terminals
Home electronics
Televisions and DVDs Lighting equipment
Basic materials
Resin and rubber additives
Automobile interior Automobile exterior Engine room
Interior and exterior Daily sundries Toiletries Printing materials Packaging materials
Barrier and protection Cross-linking Interface activity Curability High strength Flexibility Molding and processability Adhesiveness Cold resistance Corrosion resistance Water resistance Heat resistance Chemical resistance Flame retardance Adhesives Reactivity Waterproof and breathability Liquidity Formability Thixotropic Spinnability Low corrosiveness


Epoxy adhesives ARON MIGHTY AP and AS Series

Features of ARON MIGHTY AP and AS Series

Solvent-free epoxy adhesives. We offer a variety of different curing types for various usages and bonding methods.
These solvent-type epoxy adhesives are suitable for applications such as film laminate.

Urethane adhesives ARON MIGHTY PU Series

Features of ARON MIGHTY PU Series

ARON MIGHTY PU Series are urethane adhesives that adhere strongly to a variety of plastics and metals. Made from urethane resin, these products yield flexible yet tough cured products with both durability and flexibility. They are used in applications such as automotive parts.

Nylon adhesives ARON MIGHTY FS Series

Features of ARON MIGHTY FS Series

The ARON MIGHTY FS series are adhesives containing thermoplastic nylon modified for heat curability. Due to its proprietary design, these adhesives retain the elasticity of rubber. They also offer a good balance of tensile shear strength and peeling strength.


Electronic materials, automotive, building materials, etc.


We offer a variety of grades to suit different applications and bonding methods.

Specifications of ARON MIGHTY AP and AS Series
Types One-liquid heat cured type Two-liquid room temperature cured type Solution type
Grades AP-0021HW * AP-400BD
A agent*
B agent*
Appearance White Blue Milky white Light yellow transparent
Viscosity (mPa・s,25℃) 40,000 35,000 35,000 500
Solid component (%) 100 100 22
Standard curing condition 70℃ x 60 minutes Room temperature × 1 day
(60 minutes)*1
150℃ x 30 minutes
Features Low temperature curing
Exerts strength in low temperature curing
Excellent flexibility and high peel strength
Mixing ratio (weight ratio) = 1:1
Flexibility, good adhesion to polyimide, high heat resistance
Usage Stabilizing optical pickup parts Bonding building material panels FPC, Polyimide laminate
  • *1Gelling time at room temperature
  • *Custom-made product
ARON MIGHTY PU Series specifications
Type 2-liquid heat cured 2-liquid room temperature cured
Grades PU-62 A agent PU-62 B agent PU-9000 PU-171
Appearance Grey White Light yellow
Viscosity (mPa・s,25℃) 150,000 30,000 1,000 1,500
Solid component (%) 100 15 75
Solvent - MEK / methyl acetate
Standard curing condition Mixing ratio (weight ratio) = 10:8
25℃ x 3 days, 80℃ x 30 minutes
Mixing ratio (weight ratio) = 10:1
25℃ x 5 hours, 90℃ x 2 minutes
Usage Automobile parts
Automobile exterior
ARON MIGHTY FS Series specifications
Types One-liquid heat cured
Grades FS-175SV10
Appearance Milky white
Viscosity (mPa・s,25℃) 60
Solid component (%) 10
Solvent Denatured alcohol
Standard curing condition 120℃ × 3 minutes
Usage Automobile molding adhesive
Adhesive Material

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