Functional AdhesivesHighly Functional and Reactive Adhesives

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The Aronmighty series is composed of highly functional and reactive adhesives. Distinct grades are available including epoxy, urethane, and nylon systems which were developed using Toagosei's proprietary technologies. These adhesives are used in diverse fields such as electronic materials, automobiles, and residential building materials.



Epoxy System AdhesivesAronmighty AP and AS Series

Characteristics of Aronmighty AP and AS series

Aronmighty AP series:
Solvent-free type epoxy adhesives with various types of curing are available. Select according to the application and adhesion method.
Aronmighty AS series:
Solvent type epoxy adhesives suitable for film lamination and other applications.

Urethane System AdhesivesAronmighty PU Series

Characteristics of Aronmighty PU series

The Aronmighty PU series is composed of urethane adhesives which strongly adhere to various plastics and metals.
Urethane resins are used as raw materials, producing flexible and strong cured products. These cured products have both durability and flexibility and are used in automobile parts and other applications.

Nylon System AdhesivesAronmighty FS Series

Characteristics of Aronmighty FS series

The Aronmighty FS series is composed of adhesives containing thermoplastic nylon modified to have heat curability. Due to its proprietary design, this adhesive retains the elasticity of rubber. It also has a good balance of tensile shear strength and peeling strength.


Electronic materials, automobiles, residential building materials, etc.

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