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Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic adhesives that are solid at room temperature, but melt and turn to liquid when heated for application to an adherend. As they cool a bond is formed. This cooling solidification shortens the cure time and improves workability. We offer polyester and modified olefin systems so that our adhesives can be selected according to the adherend and application.

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Below, learn more about the features of the ARON MELT PES series and the ARON MELT PPET series of hot melt adhesives.

Features of ARON MELT PES Series

The ARON MELT PES series is a collection of thermoplastic polyester hot melt adhesives. They offer excellent durability, and are designed with various resin properties by combinations of monomers.

Powerful adhesion
The series offers superior adhesion to metals and resins such as PET and PVC. They can also be used on a wide range of other materials such as textiles and wood.
Excellent durability
Crystalline in nature for durability and electrical properties required of electrical components.
Good workability
Bonds quickly and increases work efficiency. Film and sheet types can be made to order.

Features of ARON MELT PPET Series

The main ingredient in the ARON MELT PPET series is modified olefin. These adhesives are ideal for use with hard-to-adhere resins such as PP, PE, PET and nylon materials.

Available in grades with a variety of adhesion properties.
Easy to use
Solidifies and bonds in a short period of time. Stick and pellet types are also available for even easier use with a glue gun.
An eco-friendly adhesive available in pellet, block and stick types that are 100% solid.


PET, flexible PVC and metals, etc.
Various resins that are difficult to adhere such as PP, PE, PET and nylon, as well as various resins, woods, and metals, etc.



Type Features Exterior Type
ARON MELT Series Polyester type Ideal for adhesion to PET, flexible PVC, and metals. Pellet
Liquid (solvent-type)
PES Series
Modified olefin type Ideal for adhesion to various plastics that are difficult to bond such as PP, PE, PET and nylon. Pellet or block
PPET Series


Pellet type

Main grades PES-120L PES-140H PES-111EE
Appearance White pellet White pellet White to light pink pellet
Softening point (R&B) (℃) 125 153 125
Melting point (℃) 115~125 140~150 105~120
Glass transition point (℃) -10 -4 -0.5
Melt viscosity (mPa/s, 190℃) 30,000 80,000 190,000
Hardness (Shore D, 23℃) 43 55 40
Adhesiveness PET
Adhesiveness PVC
Adhesiveness metal
Adhesiveness textile
Features and usage Low viscosity Good adhesion to PVC and metals Good adhesion to PET and metals

Solution type

Main grades PES310S30 PES360HVXM30
Liquid physical properties Solvent Toluene: MEK = 8: 2 Toluene: xylene: MIBK = 4: 4: 2
Resin solid ratio (%) 30 30
Liquid viscosity (mPa・s, 25℃) 285 350
Resin physical properties Appearance Light yellow Light yellow
Softening point (R&B) (℃) 120 150
Hardness (Shore D, 23℃) 40 80
Glass transition point (℃) 8 65
Features and usage Adhesion to PET, PC and PVC Adhesion to PC, PVC and metals
Various laminates Coating agents

Film type

Film and sheet types are made to order. Please contact your sales rep for specifications.


Solid type

Grades PPET1008 PPET1025 PPET2110 PPET2102
Shape Block Block Pellet Block
Appearance White Yellow Light yellow Yellow
Melt viscosity (mPa・s, 190℃) 4,000 2,400 1,800 8,000
Softening point (R&B) (℃) 95 135 150 135
Hardness (Shore D, 23℃) 40 40 64 70
Open time (seconds) 60 60 30 60
Tensile shear strength (PP) 0.8 1 2.8 2.12
Peel strength (PP) 70 185 150 110
Features Cold resistance Cold and heat resistance Heat resistance Heat resistance
High peel strength Low viscosity Metal adhesiveness
Usage Toner cartridges Automobile interior Food packaging containers Automobile interior
PP cases Home electronics Automobile interior Floppy discs

Solution type

Grades PPET1303S PPET1401SG PPET1505SG
Appearance Yellow Yellow Light yellow
Solvents Toluene / n-hexane Toluene / MEK / n-hexane
Liquid viscosity (mPa・s,25℃) 400 8,000 100
Resin solid ratio (%) 30 40 25
Softening point (R&B) (℃) 100 ≧200 ≧200
Features Low temperature adhesion Heat resistance Heat resistance, high strength
Adhesive Material

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