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Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic adhesives that are solid at room temperature, but melt with heat and the liquefied form can be applied to an adherend. A bond is formed by cooling solidification, which shortens the cure time and improves workability.
All adhesives in this series except for the liquid type are a one-liquid, solvent-free type. Polyester and modified olefin systems are available. Adhesives can also be selected according to the adherend and application.



Learn about the characteristics of the ARON MELT PES series and the ARON MELT PPET series of hot melt adhesives below.

Characteristics of ARON MELT PES series

The ARON MELT PES series is composed of hot melt adhesives which use a thermoplastic polyester system. They offer superior durability, and various resin properties can be designed by combinations of monomers.

Strong adhesion
The series offers superior adhesion to metals and resins such as PET and PVC. They can be used for a wide variety of other materials such as textiles and wood.
Superior durability
The series is crystalline, has durability, and satisfies the electrical properties demanded by electrical components.
Good workability
The series adheres rapidly and improves work efficiency. Film and sheet types can be made to order.

Characteristics of ARON MELT PPET series

The main ingredient of the Aron Melt PPET series is modified olefin. These adhesives are ideal for adhesion in difficult applications such as PP, PE, PET and nylon materials.

Versatile products
The series is available in grades with a variety of adhesion properties.
Ease of workability

The series solidifies and adheres in a short period of time. Stick and pellet types are also available, and products can be applied more easily using a hand gun.

The series is environment-friendly and is available in pellet, block, and stick types that are 100% solid.
PET, flexible PVC, metals, etc.
Various plastics, wood and metals, in addition to difficult applications such as PP, PE, PET and nylon materials.

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