UV-curable Resin

UV-curable resins are used in various things around us, from printed materials to electronics materials.

As a manufacturer of UV-curable Resins, Toagosei owns world-leading technologies and provides two different series of products: ARONIX and ARON OXETANE.
ARONIX is the product name for special acrylic monomers and oligomers. We deal mainly in radical curable varieties.
ARON OXETANE is the product name for oxetane resin, which was first commercialized by Toagosei before any other company in the world. Categorized as a cationic curable resin, it is chiefly used in combination with epoxy resin.
These can be cured in an extremely short time, by just a few seconds of exposure to light (primarily UV light). Furthermore, because they can be used without solvents there is no need for a drying process. Thanks to superior characteristics including productivity improvement, energy savings, and low environmental impact, they are used in a variety of products found in everyday life, from inks and paints to data recording and electronics materials. Toagosei offers both radical curable resins and cationic curable resins to explore new possibilities of contributing to the energy and environmental fields of UV-curable Resins.

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