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These are used to impart thickness and other properties to latex, paints, adhesives, cosmetics, and other materials. We offer a broad range of grades, including powders, water soluble, and emulsions for characteristics such as thickening effects, flow properties, and workability.



What Are Thickeners?

Different types of thickeners are widely used to increase the thickness of latex or other compounds. We are developing high polymer carboxylic acid thickeners, and have released three types: powder, aqueous solution, and emulsion.

Functions of Thickeners

  1. Hydration by carboxylic acid portion
  2. Formation of the three-dimensional network due to adsorption of thickener polymer

The thickening mechanism has been explained as being caused by the formation of hydrogen bonds to carboxyl groups and water molecules, and structural viscosity owing to the three-dimensional network formed by the thickener polymer's adsorption to pigment particles.

While there are differences due to the size, quantity, and the affinities and the like of pigment particles in the system, it is possible to impart a so-called thixotropic quality that destroys the three-dimensional network structure by shearing stress and lowers viscosity. This property is widely used to improve the applicability of water-based paints, latex, compounds, etc.

Characteristics and Usage of Various Thickeners

Type Characteristics Usage
Powder type Highly thickening, highly spinnable Add after making an aqueous solution. Lumps form easily if dissolved all at once, so dissolve it little by little.
Water-soluble type Thickening, water holding Add directly into the system you want to use.
Select a grade for your thickening situation.
Emulsion type
(Alkali thickeners)
Thickening, water holding, temporal stability Thicken by adding directly into the system you want to use and adjusting the pH (alkali neutralization).
Handling is relatively easy.

Latex, paints, adhesives, cosmetics

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