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Used in applications such as dispersant stabilization for many kinds of pigments in paper manufacturing and paints, chute drilling in civil engineering, as well as for chelate dispersion and coagulation prevention in textiles and sanitary applications. We have grades suitable for diverse conditions like the type and size of the pigment.



What Are Dispersants?

Dispersants are widely used to disperse various types of inorganic pigments in water at a high concentration and low viscosity. We are developing polyacrylic acid dispersants with high functionality and wide applicability, and have released polyacrylic acid dispersants compatible with a wide variety of inorganic pigments.

Functions of Dispersants

  1. Adhere to the pigment surface and cause it to blend with the liquid (water). "Wetting"
  2. In addition to mechanical operations, they divide and grind pigment agglomerate. "Atomization (break into primary particles)"
  3. Prevents re-agglomeration of particles due to electrostatic repulsion and steric repulsion and control sedimentation and formation. "Dispersant stabilization"

There are attractive forces that try to make like particles agglomerate together (London-van der Waals force), and repulsive forces (electric repulsive force ionization of dispersants adsorbed by the pigment and repulsive forces due to steric hindrance) at work between pigment particles dispersed in water. The form of the dispersion depends upon the balance between these attractive and repulsive forces, and generally, it is possible to obtain sufficient repulsive forces.

Dispersants require two important properties in order to exhibit good dispersing performance:

  • adsorption to the particle surface
  • ionization of the dispersant

Because polyacrylic acid dispersants have excellent performance in relation to adsorption and ionization, when combined with pigments, they are widely used.


Paper, paints, civil engineering, textiles, sanitary applications

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