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Pressure sensitive adhesives are used in Kraft tapes and many other sorts of tapes, seals, labels, and stickers. We have grades suitable for various usage conditions including emulsions and solvents, self-crosslinking and two liquid crosslinking types with characteristics like weather resistance, transparency, and heat aging resistance.



What Are Pressure Sensitive Adhesives?

  • Pressure sensitive adhesives are a type of adhesive characterized by adhering with only the slightest force over a short time at room temperature, without using water, solvents, heat, or the like.
  • Unlike other adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives cannot be used as-is, but are used as adhesive products coated with a variety of films called backing.
  • We evaluate the pressure sensitive adhesion of each on a sheet of the backing coated with the pressure sensitive adhesive, rating them in terms of tackiness, adhesion (180 degree peel strength), and holding force.

Products made using pressure sensitive adhesives cover a huge range of everyday items and industrial items including tape sheets, label sheets, and much more. Our pressure sensitive adhesive ARONTACK® is an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive made with an acrylate ester as its main component, and it has superior weather resistance, transparency, heat aging resistance, and other features. You can choose a grade that meets your purposes and requirements: emulsion and solvent systems, strong or weak adhesion, and self-crosslinking or two-part liquid cross-linking.


Kraft, OPP, film, re-releasing

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