Polymer Flocculants

Our group's MT AquaPolymer, Inc. manufactures and sells high-quality polymer flocculants achieved using precision polymer technologies.
ARONFLOC®, a polymer flocculant with a long and proud history, can be used to efficiently separate the sludge that occurs in the process of purifying household wastewater by using flocculant to form clumps of material that sink in the wastewater. By allowing wastewater treatment quantities to be hygienically reduced and disposed of, it is used actively in not only sewage treatment plants, but also to treat wastewater from paper manufacturing and food processing plants.
In addition to offering a broad range of products to suit customers' needs, we can also offer technical services for purifying wastewater and sludge by leveraging our technologies accumulated over many years.

MT AquaPolymer, Inc.

ARONFLOC® is used in the treatment of wastewater.