Inorganic functional materialsInorganic Deodorant KESMON®

KESMON® is an inorganic chemical adsorbent deodorant that shows superior adsorption and deodorizing effects on various unpleasant odors and VOCs in living environments. In addition, it reliably deodorizes foul odors at low concentrations which are difficult to deodorize using conventional materials by chemically reacting with gases from foul odors. KESMON® has a superior deodorizing capacity and durability. Because of its heat resistance and durability, it can be used in a wide variety of applications including films, papers, non-woven fabrics, textiles, molded parts, paints, and more.


  • KESMON® can absorb and deodorize odors like ammonia, acetic acid, hydrogen sulfide, aldehyde, as well as VOCs.
  • With superior heat resistance, it can be easily mixed into plastics.
  • Superior in instantaneous deodorizing, KESMON® deodorizes in a short time.
  • Different from physical adsorption, KESMON® reliably eliminates odors at low concentrations.
  • Odors that are chemically adsorbed is not emitted from KESMON®.

Applications of KESMON®

Textiles, interiors Clothing, bedding, masks, sportswear, curtains, carpets, cushions
Everyday items and household electronics Garbage bags, wastebaskets, bathroom furnishings, air purifiers, kotatsu heated tables, air conditioners, and refrigerators
Building materials, housing materials, furniture Wallpaper, flooring, shoe storage, suitcases, dressers
Miscellaneous Car seats, coolers, lunch boxes, disposable absorbent mats for pets, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, shoes

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