Inorganic functional materialsIon-trapping Agent IXEPLAS®

IXEPLAS is an even higher-performance version of IXE®, our ion-trapping agent with superior ion-trapping capacity and heat resistance properties. In addition to increasing the reliability of sealing materials, it can also be used for advanced semiconductor packages which have been incompatible until now.




  • Its primary particle size is sub-micron, and it can be used for underfill materials, narrow pitch sealants, and more.
  • The fine particle size means that small quantities of the additive are highly effective.
  • Has a copper and silver ion-trapping effect, making it ideal for copper bonding wire, sealing silver wiring, and more.
  • Shows ion-trapping capability at a broad pH range because it is a dual ion exchanger.
  • With minimal impurities, it has almost no negative effects on sealing materials.
  • Contains no substances subject to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.

Mechanism of IXE®/IXEPLAS

Comparison between IXEPLAS and IXE®

  • IXEPLAS' fine particle size makes it effective with smaller quantities of additive.

Conventional IXE® (1 to 2 μm)

It captures some, but not all, free Cl- ions.

IXEPLAS (0.2 to 0.5 μm)

With even a small amount of additive, free Cl- ions are reliably captured.

  • IC sealing material (EMC, liquid sealing material, underfill material, and die bonding)
  • FPC Adhesives
  • Solar battery materials and components (back sheet, sealing resin)
  • Resist inks
  • Conductive pastes, etc.

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