New MaterialsHigh-purity Hexachlorodisilane

Product name

High-purity hexachlorodisilane (HCD®) is a film forming material for semiconductors, industrialized for the first time in the world by Toagosei. Manufactured using our original technologies, HCD enjoys the world’s largest market share thanks to its excellent stability.



High-purity hexachlorodisilane (HCD®) has high reactivity and storage stability and so can be used as a silicon precursor for low-temperature deposition. Appropriate for SiO2 and SiNx deposition for semiconductors, this material is essential for forming the microfabcicated wiring on the latest generation of semiconductors.


High-purity hexachlorodisilane (HCD®) can be used as a silicon precursor to obtain high-precision SiOx or SiNx depositions, or SiOxNy depositions by causing a reaction of oxygen or nitrogen substances by various CVD and ALD processes.

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