Specialty Chemicals

  • Aron Alpha®, one of our best-selling products that continues to change through innovation and our commitment to technological advancement
  • Our proprietary functional adhesives are used in electronic materials, automobiles and various other sectors.
  • Amenity care materials are additives that add functions such as antibacterial, mold resistance, and deodorant to processed products, and are used in the field of amenity care.
  • We provide next-generation electronics materials and more with the key properties of high functionality, high purity, and a hybrid nature.

Highly functional adhesives and inorganic functional materials used in daily life to create comfortable spaces for living.

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Our adhesives help to improve the cost and speed of manufacturing and repair through adhesion of various materials such as plastics, rubber, metals, wood, leather, and ceramics. We are constantly enhancing our product range of highly functional adhesives to meet diverse needs in the home, in industry such as for electronics materials, automobiles, and precision equipment.
In inorganic functional materials, we have the product lines of electronics materials additives including IXE®, as well as amenities additives such as silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agent NOVARON® and inorganic deodorant KESMON®. All of these products have been created by the inorganic synthetic chemistry technologies of Toagosei. Our goal is to develop new products which advance with the time and satisfy the needs of society.

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Instant glue Aron Alpha is sold in the United States under the brand name KRAZY GLUE.

Product Areas


We offer an extensive lineup of proprietary distinct adhesives that include the instant glue Aron Alpha®.

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Inorganic functional materials (amenity care materials and electronic materials)

We integrated our original technologies to create a range of unique products with high added value in which various functions are added to inorganic materials.


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New Materials

In the electronics industry, we are developing next-generation electronics materials with the key properties of high functionality, high purity, and a hybrid nature.

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