Toagosei’s Strengths

Strength 1 - Diverse and stable business portfolio

Broad product lineup, from upstream to downstream

Toagosei’s operations span from general basic raw materials used in various industries to finished products like Aron Alpha®.

Well-balanced business operations

Toagosei maintains a well balanced business portfolio that includes: the commodity chemicals business, which supplies basic materials to industry, the acrylic products business, which offers an integrated value chain from upstream to downstream, and the functional chemicals and plastics business, which carries a large number of downstream products.

Products in the commodity chemicals segment
  • Inorganic products
  • High-purity inorganic chemicals
  • Industrial gases
Products in the acrylic products
  • Acrylic monomers/chemical products
  • Acrylic polymers
  • Polymer flocculants
  • UV-Curable Resin
Products in the functional chemicals / plastics segment
  • Adhesives
  • Products for construction and civil engineering
  • Inorganic functional materials (electronic materials and amenity care materials)
  • New materials
  • Piping equipment products
  • Nursing care products
  • Elastomer compounds

Breakdown of net sales by segmentFunctional Products / Plastics 29.1% Commodity Chemicals 30.9% Acrylic Products 40%

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Strength 2 - Expertise in commodity chemicals

Trust cultivated over a long history

Toagosei has been engaged in the commodity chemicals business since the early 20th century through its predecessor companies Yahagi Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Showa Soda Co., Ltd. Throughout our long history we have established solid relationships with customers.

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Aerial view of Yahagi Kogyo

Plant locations in major urban demand centers

Our main Yokohama and Nagoya plants are located in major urban centers and deliver stable supplies of basic products essential to industry and living, such as sodium hypochlorite used to sterilize and disinfect bacteria in water supply and sewerage systems.

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Strength 3 - Integrated acrylic chain

Since becoming the first company in Japan to successfully commercialize acrylic ester production, we have gone on to develop a number of derivatives from acrylic acid and offer an integrated acrylic chain that spans from raw material acrylic acid to various derivatives.

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Strength 4 - Functional Chemicals

We have retained a top market share in instant glues for nearly half a century with our best-selling Aron Alpha® brand. In the United States, our brand Krazy Glue has earned strong support from consumers over the years. In recent years, both brands have also been launched aggressively in China.

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