Institute for Advanced Sciences

Institute for Advanced Sciences was established to create new business from a mid- to long-term perspective. Our R&D ranges from basic research to applied studies based on the diverse bio-technologies we have cultivated, especially bioinformatics and peptide design technologies, while also broadening the scope of application through joint research with research institutions such as universities.

2 Okubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 300-2611

Our Research

Research and development categories

Research and development of new functional peptides using proprietary design and technology

Research and development of new functional peptides using proprietary design and technology

Practical research of iPS cells by functional peptide

We conduct joint two researches with Center for iPS Cell Research and Application , Kyoto University. Joint research themes are as follows.

  1. Establishment of a culture method of iPS cells with high genomic stability by functional peptide.
  2. Search of peptide to improve the engraftment efficiency of iPS cell-derived cardiomyocyte.

It is hoped that this research will make a valuable contribution to regenerative medicine and the development of treatments.

Research and development of new diagnostic drugs and drugs for tests

Research is performed through a network of prominent research organizations within and outside Japan.

Peptidome drug design project

Together with the Keio University team, Toagosei is working on the Peptide-based Drug Creation Project, conducting research into new functional peptides which will hopefully exhibit “super powers” for the treatment of various diseases. In the future, we aim to expand into new fields of business by combining our expertise in peptide engineering with our existing chemicals technologies.

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