The Toagosei Group in Your Everyday Life

The Toagosei Group’s products can be found throughout everyday life. These products not only help to make our lives more comfortable, but also help to protect the environment.

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Commodity Chemicals

Commodity Chemicals playing a key role in supporting various industries as essential basic materials.


We offer the wide variety of acrylic derivatives with superior properties.

Adhesive material

The Adhesive material business consists of proprietary distinct products developed by our original technologies.

Performance Chemicals

Performance Chemicals have been created by the inorganic synthetic chemistry technologies of Toagosei.


We use sophisticated processing technologies to create high value added plastic products.

Commodity Chemicals1Caustic soda

Caustic soda is used in paper manufacturing and also contributes to many fields as a fundamental raw material for industry.


Performance Chemicals2Liquid hydrogen chloride

High-purity inorganic products and industrial gases meet a variety of needs as basic materials for countless industries, such as silicon wafers and semiconductor manufacturing.


Commodity Chemicals3Aron Clean LB10 – sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite is used mainly for sterilization in water purification processes. It contains less bromic acid and is more environmentally friendly.


Commodity Chemicals4TG Ballast Cleaner® and TG Environmental Guard® are ballast water treatment agents.

These products are used in systems to treat ballast water for harmful foreign organisms and pathogens, and help to protect the oceans.


Commodity Chemicals5Acrylic ester

Acrylic ester is a raw material for adhesives that is used in various tapes and labels. It is also widely used as a primary component of acrylic paints.


Polymer&Oligomer6Aronix® – UV-Curable Resin

UV-Curable Resin is used in surface coating applications for LCD TV components and mobile devices. Aronix® is highly popular because it cures quickly and is environmentally friendly without using solvent.


Polymer&Oligomer7ARONFLOC® – polymer flocculant

Polymer flocculants are used to treat wastewater at water treatment plants.


Plastics8Construction materials

Waterproofing coating materials made from acrylic rubber help protect roofs and exterior walls from rainwater penetration, thus extending the lifespan of buildings.


Adhesive material9Adhesives

Toagosei carries an extensive range of industrial adhesives, which are also used to make IC cards.


Adhesive material10Aron Alpha® – instant glue

Aron Alpha® is one of the world’s best-known instant glues. Toagosei offers the product in many different varieties to meet the needs of customers. Aron Alpha® is also environmentally friendly because it does not contain organic solvents.


Performance Chemicals11NOVARON® – a silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agent

NOVARON® is used in a wide range of applications to kill bacteria and viruses. It is used in textiles, masks, and air conditioning filters, making our lives cleaner and more comfortable.


Commodity Chemicals12Ethylene carbonate

Ethylene carbonate is a raw material for electrolysis solutions used in lithium ion batteries for laptop computers and other mobile electronic devices. It is expected to be increasingly used in electric vehicles and to see strong growth.


Plastics13Small-diameter vinyl chloride chambers and manholes covers

Toagosei offers efficient piping systems for various sites, including single-family homes, condominiums and large facilities.


Plastics14Nursing care products

Toagosei’s nursing care products are sold under the brand Anjyu. The company continues to develop new products to meet the needs of nursing care and seniors’ daily lives.